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  • Do you put any stain on your product?
    No, we do not. We apply a bucher block oil which is food grade and FDA approved. The different wood colors you see are the natural woods.We feel like the natural way is a safer way to go. Another benefit butcher block oil is, while carrying the product it will smooth out more from the oil of your skin.
  • Do the dugouts come with a bat?
    Yes, they do! They will come with a metal bat unless you specify you would perfer glass. We do offer them without bats, which in return you would get a small discount.
  • Are the products American Made?
    Yes, they are. The only thing we can not guarantee is not American made are the screws in the dugouts and the screens in the pipes.
  • How do the dugouts come to me?
    They will come in a clear Poly bag with a sticker on the back of it that will have a bar code with the type of wood the dugout is!
  • Who makes the dugouts?
    We do! In Spearfish, South Dakota!
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